Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yarn as art?

Had some fun with photography.

Why not do something different?
 I get bored with the same old stuff.

So here are few new fun ways of displaying my new yarn

I think it gives me a renewed inspiration

All these can be found in my Etsy shop tomorrow.

Next month I am launching a new shop on Etsy.

Knitting with my art yarn and other gorgy fibers, like Sari silk ribbon and chunky wools.
For baby and adult.
Modern baby quilts and accessories.
 I love to create and design so this is just one more fun avenue where I can explore something different.

I am planning to launch beginning of next month...I'll let you know.
Until then...
Happy Sunday!


  1. All gorgeous, all the time. Why is it I don't knit? :/

    Glad to hear you're opening a new shop..that is so exciting!!

  2. These ARE gorgeous. How exciting to hear about your new venture. As usual, I can hardly wait.
    I always think of your yarn as art. It is really hard to knit with them because then I can't just sit and look at them. I never want to let them go. Oh, and by the way,I have been wondering about your banner art. . .did you paint this? It is wonderful.
    xoxo b.


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