Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aspen Ice Lace Cowl

The world is filled with wonderful and inspiring people.
I am lucky to have met somebody like that.

..and now I want to introduce you to her.

Here's my story and I am sticking to it.

Girl walks into Station 8 ,
looks at my yarn
and tells Collette 
 "my sister is an amazing knitter - I'll give her one of Magnolia's cards"

Few days later girls sister "Liat" connects with me on ETSY.

I find out she is AMAZING knitter.
Liat has taught thousands of people to knit and has even been on TV!

and to top it off she is the nicest person.

We talked some more
I send here some yarn.
and she designs this beautiful lace cowl
~ Aspen Ice ~
Now go read here blog and come back here.

Did you read that?
Is she awesome or what?!

A beautiful pattern...and free- yey!

 I knit one up too.

I used a little more than one skein and added a few more inches.

The drape is really lovely 
 I think the stiches she chose really works so well with Magnolia yarn that is bulky
it lightens it up a bit.

When I finished the cowl
Jules said why don't you make a hat to go with it?

I did.
Used the same type of stitch as Liat did
 added a pompom and voila!

(Don't ask me about the hat pattern  I just winged it.)

SO here's the scoop,

Since Liat was so generous....

 it's high time for a GIVE AWAY at Magnolia

I am giving the set away.

The beautiful Aspen Ice lace Cowl and the Vail Snowflake Hat.

Hah...there is a catch.

In exchange...
I am asking that you
 fork over a creative and original name that I can use for a Magnolia Yarn.

You can enter as many times as you wish.

The Gabenator will pick a name/winner.

I'll announce a winner next week.



  1. How exciting!! I wish I had a good name for you but I don't. Maybe I'll think about it for awhile and come back! The cowl and hat are gorgeous..and your yarn is always so yummy looking!

  2. Gypsy Rose Lee popped into my head. Not original...but kinda fun anyway!

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! So beautiful!!! I am **speechless!** What gorgeous photos!! I am all aflutter to see my pattern so beautifully knitted and photographed. You are awesome and I'm so glad we "met!"

  4. Love it. Eli is currently a huge fan of Lightning McQueen. I think that would make a good yarn name. By the way...also love the yarn I ordered. I gave it as a gift and it made someone VERY happy. Your yarn is so beautiful before it's even been made into anything.

  5. The yarn and the pattern are beautiful!! I'm excited for you that your business is going so well. Now I can't pass up a naming contest...what fun! Since there's no limit, I have 3 entries...Rosy Cozy, Marble Cake, and Fuzzy Peach!

  6. i like your daughter's coat.

    oh and the yarn of course!!!!! maybe i need to try a cowl. never have! and that is one handsome cowl.

    we are being asked to name a yarn that we haven't seen yet? just a random name?

    curiouser and curiouser.

    that's my mantra for today. so there you go. that's my name pick. i love it. maybe for a blackish spin up. have you done any blackish ones?

  7. Yarn names huh...a lot of it would depend on the colors.

    How about Firefly? Amaryllis? Yukon?

  8. Your yarn has changed my life! I love it so much and it has set my mind on fire.
    My name is Mind on Fire.
    The hat is wonderful! I want to make one right away. Uh oh, that means another order, soon.
    I hope you are spinning like crazy!

  9. immediately "cotton candy" came to my mind....then "a day at the fair" and then "spinning carousel"......too many names, i know :)

  10. How about "discover" Because whenever I visit your site I always discover something new and it make it work within my own life.

    PS: your daughter is growing up. She is lovely.

  11. So very lovely. "cush and smush" is my entry. :)

  12. You guys are fabby! I am smiling from ear to ear...

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I get chills coming here because your yarn is so stinking gorgeous! I am certainly treating myself to some after the holidays. As far as names...I am very visual. I could easily name something right in front of me. But if I have to come up with something off the cuff, I will say...
    ~Grand Rapids~

  14. ...or...


    {can you tell I really wish to win?}

  15. Ooo,'s another one...


  16. Are we just coming up with random names or is it for a specific yarn? I adore the cowl and the hat!!!!! It looks fabulous on your daughter.
    What about Beach Glass
    Dragonfly Wings
    Fairy Dust
    Northern Fog
    and Azure Blue

  17. Sultry, Love in a Mist, Desire, First Kiss

    Tidal, Storm, Moonlight

    Whisper, Promise, Kaliedoscope

    Just some ideas.. Love love love the yarn. You have mad talent!

  18. Oh, it´s hard for me to be innovative in english but I´ll give it a try,
    this is worth fighting for;) !!!! ( Please don´t laugh)
    beetroot beat
    saffron glaze
    walnut waltz
    polka dot polka
    indigo innovative
    indigofera dreams
    Aunt Violet
    multi kulti mix
    rainbow dance
    purple rain
    Barack brown
    Hyacinth heaven
    hazelnut heaven
    teardrop blue(s)
    raspberry rally

    Have a great day

  19. Lovely! Really must get into knitting some day.. for now I always need to beg my mother or sister if I want something...
    Names of course depend on the colour of the yarn.
    I am not too sure- maybe:
    magic snowdust
    hot cidre
    sparkling stars

    hmmm... that's the best I can come up right now.

  20. Oh how very exciting Camilla! Hmmmmm, taking from your former flickr name how 'bout Norski Knits? I'll percolate this idea for a bit and get back to you.....I'm not typically good at this sort of thing but it's worth a try right? :)

  21. Wonderful people ....
    Beautiful daughter!
    The colors suits her very well;)

    Yarn names .... um ...

    northern lights
    starry sky
    singing birds
    hairy troll
    sunflower field
    ice crystal
    barefoot in the grass
    balmy evening breeze
    flamingo dance
    steaming tea

    Happy sunday Camilla! xo

  22. Beautiful! You make a great team! I love the name:
    Terra Nova

  23. Oh. My. Just found my way here through a comment you made on Beehive Rugs! Your yarn and your blog are beautiful!

    ~ Whisper ~ was the first name that popped into my head. I'll be back!

  24. Your Yarn is spectactular!since your yarn is Magnolia ,why not a name of different named types Ie ( sweetbay)


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