Friday, February 4, 2011

~ Modern Day Artists ~

...who is this sweet girl you may ask?
Well, she is the daughter of  a talented fiber artist...
-guess who?

A very accomplished knitter.
Many times have I drooled over her beautiful work.
You can find her HERE (her blog)

and her clean and elegant designs here


She made this "Brainium hat" with
yarn from Magnolia Handspun

Linda resides in England
is not just an talented and creative knitter
but also a spinner.
She knit this beautiful scarf
using "Kris Kringle"

Her inspiring blog can be found HERE
take a peak at her gorgeous ETSY shop.

She has such an eye for detail... her work is so well made and lovely.

These amazing mitts are made by...

Her talent and work is so unique and original...
truly one of a kind.

She designs wearable art.
You will fall in love with her magical and enchanted work
Jill's ETSY shop can be found HERE

This is the "Montana Bomber hat"
made by Sarah.

....I guess these were the skeins that started the whole thought of starting Magnolia Handspun.

...but this is not Sarah?
You're right, this is one of her best friends Astrid with her little boy.

Even little Ava is having fun with the hat.
You can find Sarah's works of art and her beautiful blog HERE

She wears clogs.
Favorite color is Red
an art teacher.
and loves Georgia
most importantly she UBER creative.

Pictured here: "Squiggly scarf"

This is her Ipad  bag.
( how clever is that)
She has a tutorial for this on her blog

and a beautiful wrap.

You can find Bobbie HERE
her blog is filled with fun and creative things like
 Shibori, beading, thread painting, knitting, and inspiring videos.

This lovelie is Meagan.
She knit the Aspen Ice Cowl
featured a while back
with "Citrus"

She knits all kinds of beautiful and creative woolens for herself and her daughters.
You can find her work and inspiring blog HERE

We all share a common thread.
using the same yarn
yet interpreting it all differently

We are all women living miles apart
using a skill that was created hundreds of years ago

is not just a necessity any longer.
A need, maybe..
we do know it's rewarding and beautiful.
and a connection to the past that lives on today.

Modern Day Artists

I want to thank you all for letting me use your lovely images.
You are all so talented and inspiring.
~ Merci


  1. Oh Camilla, I am astonished and wordless. Not really wordless just stunned.
    Thank you so very much for the sweet and kind things you say about me and my work. I feel honored to be in such good company.
    You are a true inspiration for me.
    Thank you Thank you

  2. All of these are beautiful, such talent, I have to go check out some more! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Camilla, your kind word of admiration for all the artists are heart warming. You're equally the master artist here with your handspun yarn. I am so glad I had a chance to intepret your art into something beautiful. A big thanks to you!

    Keep well...!

  4. what wonderful works created with your wonderful work,camilla ;)

  5. Such creative collaboration...beautiful!

  6. Oh my! Such creativity and talent!! Lovely, lovely...and so inspiring!!

  7. Camilla, thank you for including my knitting among those wonderfully talented ladies. I just wish I could take photographs as beautifully as they do! xx

  8. Thanks for those inspiring pictures and links!

  9. Magnolia Handspun rules! Beautiful designs, all of them, and gorgeous yarn, Camilla. You are truly a modern day artist, in many ways.

  10. Thank you so much, Camilla! It is such an honor to be here amongst such talented artists!

  11. Wow! Wow! Wow! That is some definitely creative goodness! And to think that your beautifully creative hands played a big part in it!


  12. Beautiful! I just received my first two skeins ( and I'm intimidated! Thank you for this post, it's great to see how others have knit it up to showcase how vivid and diverse your yarn is.



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