Friday, September 23, 2011

Cha Cha Changes...

Today is officially the first day of fall
but there is no sign of that.
Warm beautiful day with lots of sunshine.
I'll take it any day-
knowing that father winter is just around the corner.
I guess I should be feeling inspired by the change of season and colder days yet to come.

but I am not.

I feel tired as if I spun all my energy out.
I guess having a home based business can do that to you.
I am learning.
7 days a week
sometimes nights
filling custom orders and spinning more yarn to fill the shop.

Just finished a huge order going to a boutique in Dayton Ohio

Knitted cowls, hats and fingerless mitts.
My hands are hurting.
Cold ice packs feel so good.

Anything you do 24/7  would cause burn out.
...and I think I am there.

I never gave myself the permission to see how much I have achieved in this year.
700 + sales

( that is usually several skeins in one sale)

I am so incredibly lucky, happy and thrilled for the support that I have got from all my customers all over the world.
Who knew opening a little shop online I could reach someone in Japan, Germany, Italy and Brooklyn?

It feels great to step back and acknowledge that even in this sucky economy- people are still out there wanting to create something beautiful for themselves and others
instead of sticking their head in the sand...
This is why I started my little shop
I decided I was not going to take any part in this recession.
 I was still going to create and feel joy!

A few changes on the horizon for my shop and me.
There will be an overhaul on ETSY and here too on my blog.
A new and fresh look.

 I also threw in the towel and joined Facebook.


 I really thought I would be the last human standing on earth not joining.

You can find me under
Magnolia Handspun.

 I am taking some time off to collect my thoughts and get inspired think for the new winter season.

  Going swimming in Lake McDonald with my dear friend Debbie and family tomorrow
beautiful crystal clear glacier waters warm summer like temperatures and lots of sunshine
...what more can a girl ask for?

Inspiration where art thou?



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  1. Camilla,
    I for one am one of those who enjoy the beauty you create. I thank you for the color that inspires me in my life and work. I thank you for being able to see what you have done with your life and sending it out into the world.
    I am working with your yarn right now and it is so gorgeous.

    I love the new merino and silk! It is so soft and the color lifts me up where we belong.
    I am looking forward to your creations to come.
    Enjoy your time off!


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