Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday Open House ~ part deux

Saturday morning Sophia and I drove over to the
Holiday open House

...and walked in to a warm and inviting Christmas atmosphere

I saw my friend Camie there and stopped to talk for a while
Sophia had already immersed herself in all the Holiday goodies

Then I attacked the
all the Christmas wonders

Glitter, beads
and lots
Beautiful Christmas music
People busily shopping and smiling.

Yep, smiling.
Collettes shop does that to you.
all kinds of whimsy can be found there

 Gorgeous trees and decor

Magnolia Handspun
Betsy made a lovely display

Station 8 is a favorite amongst locals
and non locals.
Folks just keep coming back
always something new
and Collette always manages to keep it fresh and inspiring.

Like this glorious chandelier

oh ...a little French culture?

C'est tres bien!

Well that's all folks
fun day!

If you want to see part 1
hop over to Bloom

oh...and one more thing

 for all your well wishes and support
on my new venture.



  1. beautiful open house,Camilla...I missed some this was cold and I just wanted to stay thank you for sharing.

  2. Looks like my kind of shop! Your display space looks MAG-nificent!! How fun!!

  3. Look at all those hats! And the yarn! Just wonderful Camilla! Congrats! (lots of exclamation points here!)


  4. Station 8 looks like "Vintage Fairy Tales", just my kind of place.
    Lovely to see some Magnolia handspun there too:)

  5. Beautiful space there. Your yarns looks so lovely. I hope you have mucho success!

  6. Hi!

    I'm from Montana and a budding photographer. I am in love with your photos! I did my own Station 8 antiques open house post....

    Do you ever do photography lessons? I'd love to take some!! :) Love Magnolia Handspun!!



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