Friday, November 19, 2010

Fresh goods!

New fresh handspun yarn right off the spinning wheel!


~ Crysanthemum ~

~ Curcao~

~Red Hot Chilli Pepper~

~ Blue Spruce ~

  ~  First Snow ~

~ Newbury ~

                                          ~ Beatrice Blossom ~                                             

 ~Kris Kringle~

Adding new yarns every week to my Etsy shop
            These skeins are uber soft from all the mohair and angora locks.
Sterting to work on a few custom orders for people
Always and option if you need
  specific tones or colorways needed for projects

Thanks again for stopping by
and have a super weekend!



  1. What I love so much is that your palette is YOUR palette, whether in your photography or your fibers. You imbue everything with the colors that spring from your sense of beauty. I love experiencing how you *see* through what you create. Love from your friend in Maine...

  2. Nydelig garn, Camilla! Og gratulerer med ny business - imponerende!

  3. Camilla~your yarns our gorgeously beautiful!! Is that a word? ~ The colors are gorgeous and the yarn is beautiful. For the past year I have been spinning worsted/sock weight yarn. My first spun yarn was thick and thin. LOL..isn't everyones....But to do it on purpose....That is amazingly creative..Thanks for all the inspiration.

  4. Your shop is just blooming with activity! Not surprising seeing all of that absolutely beautiful yarn. You are such a talented fiber artist Camilla! I am so happy to see everything going so well for you in this new endeavor. Keep it rolling and enjoy the holidays.



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